About Colleen Newvine Tebeau

I am a passionate advocate of farmers markets, and a member of the Farmers Market Coalition, the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association and Slow Food USA. I feel strongly that we all need a closer connection to our food and our farmers for the benefit of our health, our communities and our environment.

I grew up eating a processed food diet of the 1970s Midwest. I first encountered fresh spinach in college and didn’t have a clue what to do to it. I slowly transformed my diet with much help from farmers who were patient enough to teach me about what they grew and how to prepare beets, kale, celery root and other formerly foreign items.

I am a reporter and editor with a decade of experience in public relations and marketing. I bring strategic perspective to communications experience, combined with a geeky fascination with the latest tools for reaching audiences.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Central Michigan University, then my Masters in Business Administration from University of Michigan. I worked as a reporter and editor at daily, weekly and monthly publications, ranging from covering county government in far northern Michigan to helping launch a business journal in the northwest suburbs of Detroit. I pursued my MBA in part because I saw the Internet transforming the way we would distribute and consume information as a society.

My personal blog, Newvine Growing, focuses on living life better, with an emphasis on creativity, career and food and drink.

I am not a farmer. Instead, I bring the perspective of an informed customer and help farmers and market managers understand how to engage shoppers with the story of how locally grown food is different.


Below are two recordings of webinars I did with the Farmers Market Coalition, one on working with reporters and another on social media tips.

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